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Final Defence

In order to access to the final defence exam, PhD candidates must:

  • issue their 3rd-year report (see the Deadline and templates section for more details);
  • have published as a fully acknowledged co-author at least 1 peer-reviewed paper on an indexed journal;
  • have spent at least 1 month abroad (conferences, scientific visits, etc.).

Concurrently their tutor(s) must:

  • issue a final (i.e. 3-years overall) evaluation of the candidate (see the Deadline and templates section for more details);
  • indicate the names of 2 evaluators (1 of which must be academic) of the candidate's final dissertation;
  • indicate the names of 3 members (2 of which must be academic; 1 of which must be a UniTo academic) of the final defence commission;
  • indicate, for each of the 3 above-mentioned members, a substitute.

The admission to the final defence is strictly conditional to the fulfillment of all of the above-listed requirements.

Last update: 29/08/2023 16:36
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