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Academic training

Students are enrolled into a theoretical CV or an experimental CV, depending on the main research activity they will pursue during their graduate studies.
A total of 180 credits (ECTS) are required to earn the Ph.D. in Physics, 120 of which are awarded for research related to the preparation of the dissertation and 60 of which must be earned through didactic activities.
The didactic credits are awarded to the students by a decision of the Scientific Board on the proposal of the "Credits Committee".

The activities through which students can earn didactic credits and the corresponding credit criteria are listed in this document.

In particular, at least 20 ECTS of the required 60 ECTS must be earned through the activities listed in (a) (b) (c) below:
a) Attending courses specifically set up within the Doctoral School in Physics of the University of Turin and passing the corresponding examination. For these courses, four hours are equivalent to 1 ECTS.

Doctoral students in the theoretical programme must take at least 5 of the courses marked with the letter T on the "Courses offered" page.

b) Attending courses of the Master's Degree in Physics and the Master's Degree in Physics of Complex Systems at the University of Turin and passing the corresponding examination. For these courses, eight hours are equivalent to 1 ECTS.

c) Attending courses at doctoral level, in specialization schools, in masters or Master's degree courses outside the Doctoral school and/or the Master's degree courses in Physics at the University of Turin, also at other universities, and passing the corresponding examination. These courses will be evaluated and considered for ECTS on a case-by-case basis.

At the beginning of the second and third year students must fill the registration form for the next year (see form)

At the end of each year (before September 30, October 30 only for XXXV cycle) students must present an Annual Report on their activity in the past year (see the form). 

At the end of the second year, students will give a seminar on their research activity to the Faculty of the School, in order to show that their research activity is sufficiently advanced.
The PhD Thesis can be written in English or Italian. Note that it is expected that the research work for the thesis should lead to publications on refereed journals. A Thesis without publications will not be in general considered acceptable.

Courses evaluation form: after finalizing (attendance + final exam) any of the courses offered by our program, each PhD student must provide a feedback on the course by filling this course evaluation form. The filling of the form is a mandatory, i.e. no ECTS will be awared to students who have not filled the form.

Students can refer to the members of the Teaching Committee (Profs. Billò, Costa, Masera and Mignone) in case they need assistance in the definition of the courses for each academic year.

The students who intend to pursue a theoretical curriculum are specifically required to follow 5 mandatory courses (among those denoted by the letter “T”): for further information the students can refer to prof. Billò.


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